Gallery 295: Sept 5th-Oct 5th:Dan Siney- Mid Double Daffy

Gallery 295  presents Dan Siney’s new photographic diptychs opening September 5th. This exhibition will also be on display September 12th during SWARM.

Photographs produce two experiences simultaneously: an indirect, representational experience in which we look from a distance through the mediated image; and a direct experience that manifests in us as an immediate encounter with the art object. For Dan Siney, the photographs that resonate are those in which he feels the presence of qualities, powers or intensities that change his relationship to both these experiences. These might be grouped together under the label “the affective dimension of images”. 

Affects– qualities, powers, intensities– are not generally found in any single part of an image, in the frame, composition, subject, form, thematic, or colour, etc. Instead they tend to insist and subsist through a relation of those elements, in the non-personal expressions activated in the whole. By choosing the form of the diptych, Siney increases the number of elements entering into relation, and yet each individual image retains its own context. Through this device, the photographs in Mid Double Daffy present, reflect and express, differently every time, affective experiences in the social world.

Dan Siney is an ECUAD undergraduate (2003), who was recently selected for the AIMIA AGO Photography Prize long list. His photographs were also recently published by Inventory Magazine, in a group artist book entitled “Queen of Tsawwassen”, with photographers Ali Bosworth, Seth Fluker, Jennilee Marigomen and Chris Taylor. Siney’s work has been exhibited in group shows throughout North America, Europe and Japan, with solo and two-person exhibitions in Canada. Most recently his work was exhibited in “Phantasmagoria” at the Presentation House Gallery, and in a collaborative exhibition with Andrea Pinheiro, “Strange Weather,” at The University of Algoma.

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