A Summer With the Kids of Larry Clark

This summer Larry Clark has been filming The Smell of Us in Paris.

“I’ve wanted to make a film about French youth since I went to Cannes with my first film ‘Kids’ in 1995 … Scribe’s screenplay is about French kids today, and the world today. Just like my films ‘Kids’ and ‘Ken Park’, this will be a movie like you have never seen before.”Larry Clark

Always an innovator, the 70 year old director is taking his filmaking process to the next level by releasing weekly webisodes as the film is being made. Thomas Kimmerlin is making the series, ‘Un été avec les kids de Larry Clark’, on ARTE Creative. Each episode gives us insight on the young cast of ‘The Smell of Us’, Diane, Lukas, Hugo, and Théo, as Clark makes his film. Watch here.

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