Object of Affection

Ryan Mathieson, Untitled, inkjet print collage to swallow’s nest to inkjet print, 40″ x 32″, 2012.

Object of Affection:
Maya Beaudry, Ryan Mathieson, Mandy Mitton

Curated by Meredith Carr and Jacquelyn Ross

East Van Studio
870 East Cordova Street, Vancouver

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 8, 8pm
Gallery Hours: Sunday, June 9, 11-5pm

Object of Affection explores the idea of sculpture as proposition, by looking at material-driven practices that exemplify a kind of curiosity about their own making. While in dialogue with issues and trends in design and consumer culture, the works in this group exhibition complicate the hierarchy of the end product to achieve more ambiguous motives. The domestic and the everyday act as springboards for material inspiration, while also being at odds with the uncanny nature of objects caught between time and place. Challenging the ability for an object to ever be separated from its context and mode of production, the artist is implicated in this process, and in the continual production of objects, their histories, and falsifications.

Artist Biographies:

Maya Beaudry was born and raised in Vancouver and recently received a BFA from Emily Carr University. Her work is primarily based in sculpture and installation, and has also recently diverged into a process of documentation and description as a way of acknowledging the sense of loss she feels from de-installing works. Using photography, text, drawing and video to document the work, she is able to allow her own representations of the installations to act both as sculptural materials and as works in themselves.

Ryan Mathieson is a visual artist who lives and works in Vancouver. He holds a Bachelor of Design from the Alberta College of Art + Design and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Simon Fraser University. His practice is concerned with the display of subjects and objects through photographic documentation. He often stages photo-sculptural installations within secondary pictures as a mode of questioning the translation of 2D and 3D environments and the privileging of screen-based culture, as a means of slowing down the reception of visually coded information.

Mandy Mitton is a visual artist based in Vancouver, and holds a BFA from Emily Carr University. In her practice she is interested with ideas of failure and function, using familiar materials to construct systems fraught with contradictions that can neither be defined as strictly formalist, nor sociopolitical, but instead lean back and forth.

Curator Biographies:

Meredith Carr is an independent curator based in Vancouver. She graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2012 with a BFA in Visual Art and Art & Culture Studies.

Jacquelyn Ross is an artist, writer and independent curator based in Vancouver. She received her BFA from Simon Fraser University in 2012.

For more information, please contact:

Meredith Carr

Jacquelyn Ross

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