The Life and Times of William Callahan

In 2008, at the behest of Drag City Records, BC based photographer Chris Taylor set out on a month long trip to document the ever-elusive William Callahan. Residing in Austin, TX, Bill Callahan, an American Singer-Songwriter and guitarist, came to prominence under the pseudonym Smog. His distinct baritone voice, deadpan delivery, dark lyrics and reclusive nature have cast him as a sort of mythical figure.

Through this collection of photographs we are able to peak behind the creative curtain – we glimpse into the simple surroundings of Callahan’s Austin home and daily life. Little distracts the man from his creative impulses; much of his time is spent shrouded in thought. Although we’ll never truly know the origin of his songs, it is nevertheless intriguing to see where these great songs are skimmed from the surface.

Exhibition and Book launch
Old Faithful Shop
March 15, 7-11pm
320 East Cordova
Vancouver BC

67 pages
35 color plates
22 x 27.9 cm/8.6 x 11 in
Color offset
Hardcover with inset photo
Edition of 450
Purchase online

Looking forward to this.

Chris Taylor (b. 1978) lives and works in Victoria, B.C. His photographs have been featured in several exhibitions including The Banff Centre, Gallerie Mycroft in Paris and Alvarez Bravo Centre in Oaxaca. His work has been published in The New York Times, Vice Magazine, Steidl (GER) and Twelve Books (Japan). The Life and Times of William Callahan is his first Artist Monograph.

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