Niall McClelland at Clint Roenisch Gallery

The Nature of Your Opression is the Aesthetic of our Anger, Niall McClelland’s second solo show at Clint Roenisch Gallery in Toronto. The small space displayed a well curated selection of large-scale work. The use of common materials like sharpies, broken glass, ink toner and spraypaint resulting in a collection of unassuming but intense pieces.

At Clint Roenisch Gallery until April 13.

We Lost The War 2013 Metal, plastic, rubber and fabric

I’ll Be Your Doormat 2012 Spray paint on rubber

Stain 2012 Toner ink on paper

Too Poor To Paint, To Proud To Whitewash 2013 Spray paint and glass fragments on linen

The Home Stretch 2012 Sharpie on archival paper


More of Niall’s work here and here

Clint Roenisch Gallery here

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