Perpetual Sunset by Instant Coffee

Perpetual Sunset is Instant Coffee’s newest public commission, which fills the west-facing wall of the Camino Development Project in Richmond and can be seen from the Canada Line. Spanning over 80 feet wide and 40 feet high, the mural made of nearly 40,000 individual reflective coloured sequins is designed to catch the natural light, most directly echoing the setting sun. The immense scale of the artwork creates a mirroring effect that extends the sun’s rays and sustains this daily occurrence in its refraction.

‘Perpetual Sunset’ was commissioned by the City of Richmond Public Art Program and the Camino Strata Council with support from Urban Art Management.

About Instant Coffee
Instant Coffee is a service oriented artist collective based founded in Toronto, and now based in both Vancouver and Toronto. Instant Coffee developed, in part, as a response to the division and exaggerated difference between studio and exhibition practice. Through formal installations and event based activities, it builds a public place to practice, where ideas, materials and actions can be explored outside of the isolated studio and in a manner that renegotiates traditional exhibition structures, but is still supported by them.

Instant Coffee’s most consistant members are Cecilia Berkovic, Jinhan Ko, Kelly Lycan, Jenifer Papararo, Kate Monro and Khan Lee.

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