Meditation Cornwall

Meditation Cornwall
Curated by Jenifer Papararo

October 6, 2012 between 3pm and midnight / East Van Studios at 870 East Cordova, Vancouver.

The exhibition features a selection of artworks and oddities from the homes of local artists, curators and collectors. Much of the work was acquired as gifts, offered as exhibition take-aways or first distributed as ephemera with a few of the works ‘found’ in small second hand stores. For one night these private and personal works, often attained through friendship or trade will be on public view, reflecting a barter and gifting system of exchange as well as giving a glimpse at some cherished and never-exhibited works. – JP

+ 20 posters by LA artist Daniel Martinez from Jinhan Ko
+ Photographs by Valie Export and Harmony Korine from Damian Moppett
+ A found painting “Meditation Cornwall” from Rodney Graham
+ A drawing by N.E. Thing Company from Jane Irwin
+ 78 drawings by Pablo Bronstein from Aaron Carpenter
+ A giclée print by Assume Vivid Astro Focus from Jenifer Papararo
+ 3 drawings by Cory Arcangel from Caitlin Jones
+ Youth Portraits (1985) on newsprint by Ken Lum from Tonik Wojtyra
+ 2 found photographs from Melanie O’Brian and Wayne Arsenault
+ Eames Wooden Leg Splint from Collection Project
+ Found carving from The Tent Shop
+ Matchbox collection and altered Mike Kelley poster from Kelly Lycan

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