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Our good friends and Mexico based artists (and 01 Contributor), Melinda Santillan and Marco Rountree have been making amazing and playful works together as a daily exercise, using objects that are available to them. They are set on not breaking the daily chain, and despite their busy schedules, have made works in hotel rooms, airplanes and city parks. I met them New York Art Book Fair bound at a coffee shop, to see them cutting out images from a found magazine for their next work. See more here!  Archivo Diario

Watercolour deluge: Making a deluge with watercolors.

Snacks Wallpaper: Making wallpaper with snacks.

Zooming People: Zooming from the 6th floor at people passing by.

Cartier Collage: Collages made from cutouts of Cartier jewelry.

Cardboard Housing: Making houses with pieces of cardboard.

Fall Sweaters: Making a collection of fall sweaters in the park.

Portraits In Outfits: Putting clothes on portraits.

Blanc Souvenirs: Blanking out souvenirs from various places to make them match.

Archivo Diario

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