Surrealist art at the MUNA

Henri Florence: Still life composition (two shells on a mirror, pineapple and leaves reflected) 1931

The National Art Museum in Mexico city presented an exhibition of surrealist art. While it was a very large mix of artists and mediums I was really taken with the photography which still seemed so contemporary. Here’s a selection of my favorites pieces (or the ones I managed to take pics of since the place was so crowded).

Rene Magritte: Le bon exemple. Portrait d’Alexandre Iolas, 1953.

Yves Tanguy: Jour de lenteur, 1937

Wifredo Lam: La femme cheval, 1949

Valentine Hugo with André Breton and Max Ernst: Cadaver exquisito, 1929-1934

Katie Horna: Escaleras a la catedral, 1937

Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Lavanderas sobreentendidas, 1932

Herbert Bayer: Shortly after dawn, 1936

Roberto Montenegro: Mascara y arbol, 1944

Stella Snead: Animal Kingdom, 1946 (detail)

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