Chinatown Soccer Club

“Meet the Chinatown Soccer Club, one of the most original and inspirational football clubs in New York. Founded back in 2002 after Adidas invited a bunch of downtown crews and personalities to take part in the first installment of the annual Fanatic soccer tournament, the CSC is one part soccer crew and one part creative collective.

In the early days there was just a simple email list to call games, but over time, the CSC grew, embracing friends and acquaintances from the downtown creative community. Nowadays, the club is also a platform by which its members are able to collaborate and express themselves creatively via self-published photo books, a haphazard clothing line, and a limited run of soccer scarves and stickers.

We caught up with four of the CSC’s longstanding members: Coach Gerhard Stochl, Justin Fines, Dan Funderburgh, and Peter Sutherland. They talked about their art, passion for the sport, and most importantly their friendship, all of which help make the club what it is today. ” – VICE

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