Ryry’s Pop up bodega: Hours of Operation

Ryry’s pop up bodega is located at our 01 Magazine space at 8 East Cordova. The  overall feeling of the store is that of a real bodega, but this intentional “anti design” aesthetic demonstrates a crucial part in showing the playful and creative capabilities of the designers that made the space happen.

Ryry’s is open mostly every day but if you need to catch Ryan (the artist behind the project) he will definitely be there Friday – Saturday from 1-4pm (until July 15th) . Come in the the bodega and buy limited edition /inexpensive pieces of art branded by  the artist himself.

If you don’t live in Vancouver…we will be selling Ryry’s x 01 Magazine limited edition objects on our  01 Magazine online store soon…keep you posted!

Objects for sale:

.custom vinyl applied BIC products (such as lighters, ball point pens)

.custom designed ashtrays

.corrugated plastic and vinyl design posters

.independent publications and other printed matter

.key chains

.iPhone cases

.stationary supplies

and  much more…



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