SPOOX .TXT’s is an ongoing series of .TXT files written by Spoox Audiozinecontributors and friends.
Look for the small text icon:

beside selected audio tracks from past issues.
We recommend attempting to listen to each track
while reading the corresponding text.
This first installation includes:

Jesse Birch on Eli Bornowsy’s Sleep Open.txt
Michele Dimenna on Infant Babble Ringtone.txt
Michele Dimenna on Johan Bjorck’s Triptych for penguin hole.txt
Michele Dimenna on Kayla Guthrie’s Stone.txt
Jeremy Todd on James Whitman’s Eisenstein’s bedroom.txt
Michael Turner on Matthew Green’s Humming.txt
Julia Feyrer on Erik Lavesson’s Irving Blum on Andy Warhol’s Soup Can Paintings.txt
Pietro Sammarco on Workout Interrupt.txt
Alex Turgeon on Michele Di Menna’s Hands.txt
Michael Eddy on Michael Edddy’s Sound Research Of China.txt
Nick Becker Josiah Thomas Transcript.txt

p.s. Deadline for the next issue (# 10!) is June 25th, 2012.

“Thanks to all you Spoox’ers”
– Julia Feyrer & Pietro Sammarco Eds.

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