Equinox Project Space: CUT AND PASTE

Looking forward to seeing this collage exhibition featuring some amazing Canadian talents…

Vikky Alexander
Roy Arden
Michael Batty
Raymond Boisjoly
Paul Butler
Sarah Cale
Gathie Falk
Geoffrey Farmer
Charles Gagnon
Lynda Gammon
Peter Gazendam
Rodney Graham
Randy Grskovic
Holger Kalberg
Christopher Kukura
Tiziana La Melia
Lyse Lemieux
Elizabeth McIntosh
Jason McLean
Al McWilliams
Ron Moppett
Office Supplies Incorporated
Toni Onley
Jean Paul Riopelle
Jack Shadbolt
Krisdy Shindler
Gordon Smith
Derek Sullivan
Jonathan Syme
Takao Tanabe
Harold Town
Allison Tweedie
Renée Van Halm
Etienne Zack
Elizabeth Zvonar

525 Great Northern Way
Vancouver BC


Thursday 12-6pm
Friday 12-6pm
Saturday 12-6pm


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