Dead Calm Centre – New Work by Zain Burgess

Image: Ten Years, 2011.
1990-2000’s major action films, reduced to explosions, cut together to create sequential explosions. Installed without store knowledge in Saturn Electronics, Berlin.

For Zain Burgess’ upcoming solo show “Dead Calm Centre,” Zain shows us new painting, sculpture, and video to hypothesize a material and ideological collapse in a vast landscape of semiotic debris. He shows us a video of a decade of action films edited into a sequential explosion and installed on the television screens in an electronics store to an unknowing consumer audience. In another work he creates a sculptural time monument out of pallet wood, homemade beeswax candles, and a 1968 Mustang car hood. He continues this reduction of form by erasing all the land off of a national geographic world map, leaving blue ocean amongst blurry white amnesia; this is mirrored by large black monochromes made from black pigment slathered with beeswax on a tent canvas.

Curated by Graeme Berglund and Polina Bachlakova

Black & Yellow
Room 106 The Waldorf Hotel
1489 East Hastings, Vancouver, BC V5L 1S4

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