ZONA MACO: Mexico’s contemporary art fair


ZONA MACO, Mexico’s contemporary art fair is an annual event that sees hundreds of galleries, artists and collectors from around the world set up shop in Mexico city for a few days every April. While the fair is only from wednesday to sunday, the whole week is filled with art shows at local galleries, events and parties. With so many booths and art all over the place it was hard for me to focus, but here are some of the things that caught my eye…

Antonio Caballero: Galeria López Quiroga, Mexico


Fabrizio Arrieta: Diablo Rosso, Panama

John Baldessari: Caja Negra, Spain

Mahomi Kunikata: KaiKai Kiki, Japan, China

Arían Dylan: La Estación, Chihuahua Mexico


Emilio Chapela: Henrique Faría, NYC


Diego Perez: GAM, Mexico

Julius Koller: Martin Janda, Vienna


Jonathan Hernández: Kurimanzutto, Mexico

Robert Mapplethorpe: Stefan Ropke, Germany

Nari Ward: Galleria Continua, Italy

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