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  1. Peter Shire – Cups

  2. Animations by Jenni Rope

    Tiikerimuuri Kiipeilypuu / The Climbing Tree Yöllä kello kolme “I paint and build to create a world where only my aesthetics apply. I use colours and cut shapes to form living things, angular plants, soft buildings and new natural phenomena.

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  3. The Sketchbooks of Herman Hertzberger

    “Le Corbusier taught us always to have a notebook handy, and once you get into the habit of it, you cannot do without it. In the end it becomes an extra memory. Each notebook comes to be associated with a

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  4. Acne Studios x Lord Snowdon- Snowdon Blue

    The always inpiring  Acne Studios has just launched their first book in collaboration with photographer Snowdon. In the book their is 60 different portraits of talents wearing a blue button up shirt which is always a classic staple in Acne’s

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  5. Opening May 10th: Ari Marcopoulos -Wherever you go

    If you are in NY this is definitely be a show worth checking out. Check out Ari’s interview with us in the last issue here.

  6. Janice Wu

    details of Receipts & Cash 2011 15″ x 20″ pencil &acrylic gouache on paper Works by Vancouver based artist, Janice Wu. Obsessive Compulsive Assortment 2011 15″ x 20″ pencil & acrylic gouache on paper details of Receipts & Cash 2011

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  7. Photographs by Cy Twombly

    Photographs by Cy Twombly. Photographs by Cy Twombly Paintings by Cy Twombly Gagosian Gallery Friday, April 27–Saturday, June 9, 2012 Opening reception: Friday, April 27th, from 6 to 8 pm In tribute to the late Cy Twombly, Gagosian Gallery is

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  8. New Works in The Tent Shop

    Untitled III – Nathalee Paolinelli (2010) Gouache on archival hot pressed water color paper. $250 New works and objects added to Jacob Gleeson’s The Tent Shop. Sculpture for Listening to Inaudible Frequencies: Pyrite Radio (Ship) – Laura Piasta Wood, copper,

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  9. Color’d – Jim Mangan

    “One bright summer morning, seven young men and women drive away from the billboards and the traffic jams, the neon chatter and the constant digital stimulation of their lives. After walking deep into the mountains, they abandon their clothing, along

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