New Works in The Tent Shop

Untitled III – Nathalee Paolinelli (2010)
Gouache on archival hot pressed water color paper.

New works and objects added to Jacob Gleeson’s The Tent Shop.

Sculpture for Listening to Inaudible Frequencies: Pyrite Radio (Ship) – Laura Piasta
Wood, copper, pyrite, ceramic earphone, nails, necklace, scrap metal and safety pin

Blue Missoula – Allison Tweedie
oil pastel, ink and watercolour on paper
12 X 13.5″

Erotic book that you can’t open – Erik Hood

The Laughing Man – Casey Wei
Inkjet print (unframed)
8″ x 10″ , 2011
Edition of three.

Heart chip – Mark Delong
The chip is naturally heart shaped NOT carved and seems to be of the rippled ‘All-Dressed’ variety.

‘Denim Study’ – Collin Johanson
Denim and oil on panel
16″ x 20″

Healing soapy water – Mark Delong and Nature
Not water with soap in it but special healing water from Soap Lake, WA.

Fungus drawing – Jacob Gleeson and Nature
The image is created by lightly scratching into fungus when fresh and is permanent once dry. (the darker background is created by merely rubbing the surface)

Surprise Rainbow – Jennilee Marigomen (2009)
Framed Photograph
Edition 3/8 – 8/8
Photo: 30cm x 40cm (11 3/4″ x 15 3/4″)
Framed photo dimensions: 32cm x 42cm (12.5″ x 16.5″)

Menu Painting

Untitled II – Mark Delong
Glaze and resin on ceramic
19 x 13 x 18

Eight Piece Luggage Set (Canoe) – UWHAH / Wes Cameron & Matthew Robertson
8 Piece Canoe Luggage Set
*including valley studio visit and tour of the Hope River slough in Chilliwack BC Canada: $10,000
4 Piece Canoe Luggage Set: $5000
Half Canoe: $2500
Travel Caps: $2500 ea.

Handwoven wool rug – Sky Castle Classical
42 x 24

Weird War – Jeffro Halladay
Molded copper
4″ tall

Hooked – Russell Gordon
One-of-a-kind, a solid 18kt gold fish hook on a 14kt chain.

‘Spy Rock’ – Anne Ehrlich
Cedar, foam, spackle, ink
Approx. 8″ diameter

The Tent Shop – A gathering of creations to display and sell online as well as a physical space (tent) for events and escape. Free delivery in Vancouver.

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