Blog Post Archive (May 2012)

  1. NSEW Risograph Postcards

    Jessica William’s press, NSEW, has made a beautiful collection of 18 Risograph postcards by 10 different artists! Images by Cadence Planthara, Caley Feeney, Claire Nereim, Dario Utreras, Luisa Pelipetz, Mylinh Trieu Nguyen, Paul Paper, Pia Howell, Sydney Shen and Ye

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  2. Long Legged Streak of Misery – June 8, 2012

    Ali Bosworth Looking forward to “Long Legged Streak of Misery”, a multidisciplinary exhibition of young contemporary Canadian artists with roots in Vancouver. The exhibition is curated by esteemed artist, Mark Delong, and takes place Friday, April 8th, 8pm at East

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  3. A.P.C.- F/W12      

  4. Creatives On Instagram #8: Peter Sutherland

    Our next featured artist is a man who needs no introduction – Colorado born and New York based artist and friend of 01, Peter Sutherland. Peter is currently working on a documentary about Richard Prince (due for release this year)

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  5. Flying by Chances With Wolves

    Nothing makes my morning more than a brand new mixtape by our favorite DJ’s, Brooklyn based Chances with Wolves. Flying by Chances With Wolves – A Mixtape by Aquarium Drunkard Intro Richard Caiton – Listen To The Drums James Ray

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  6. Totokaelo

    One of my favorite shops and online styling resources just became more amazing. Seattle based Totokaelo recently opened their doors to their new Capitol Hill location. The women’s clothing boutique has introduced furniture, lighting, linens, ceramics, vintage textiles, rugs, objects

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  7. 01 Magazine Presents: Ryry’s Bodega!

    The term Bodega is often used as a slang word referring to a convenience store. Bodega’s typically provide a wide range of services/products in the marginal areas of cities and often times share many common characteristics: poor organization and display,

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  8. Tonight:Presentation House-PHANTASMAGORIA

    A wonderful list of talents showing in a group exhibition tonight at Presenation House in North Vancouver. May 24 – July 8, 2012   PHANTASMAGORIA Raymond Boisjoly Christopher Brayshaw Andrew Dadson Jessica Eaton Julia Feyrer Allison Hrabluik Jay Bundy Johnson

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  9. San Cristobal Stables by Luis Barragan

    I had a chance to go visit the Cuadra San Cristobal stables  outside of Mexico city designed by Mexican architect Luis Barragán in 1966.  His typical use of bold colors and play with light created a beautiful and unusual contrast

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  10. Waldorf: Rodney Graham in The Tiki Bar – Friday May 25

    This Friday The Waldorf Hotel will be hosting the after party for artist Rodney Graham’s new exhibition at the VAG entitled ‘Canadian Humourist’. Come join the fun!   Featuring DJ Sets from… Rodney Graham Jenifer Papararo (Founder Instant Coffee /

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  11. IT’S ALL AROUND YOU ~ Roland Meyer, Scott Lewis, Kari Kleinmann ~ Fri. May 25th

    Friday, May 25th at the Interurban Gallery, 1 E Hastings St, Vancouver. 8pm – midnite Presented by The Storyboard Label; Facebook event page.

  12. Creatives on Instagram #7: John Zimmerman

    John Zimmerman is a Baltimore based photographer. His instagram feed is probably my favorite one to look at – full of strange and melancholic scenes and repurposed objects. @john_juan on Instagram Other Creatives on Instagram 1. Michael Schmelling

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