Jumex Collection presents: Poule!

The Jumex collection, Mexico’s largest privately owned art collections, belongs to Jumex juice heir Eugenio Lopez.  Every year during MACO (Mexico contemporary art fair) they curate an exhibition with pieces from their collection (and throw the most coveted party of the fair to kick it off). Located at the Jumex plant in Ecatepec in the State of Mexico, it is definitely a ways out but the shows (and extravangant parties!) are always worth the trip.

This year, under it’s new director Patrick Charpenel Corvera, curator Michel Blancsubé presented Poule! A show consisting of 68 pieces (all but 7 from the Jumex Collection) by 47 international artists.

Poule! Catalogue cover photo: William Burroughs by Robert Mapplethorpe

“Poule! highlights no particular theme:  rather it convenes a profusion of provocative, cross-fertilizing ones. Lots of black and white here, but lots of color too: smoke; iconic figures from art, music, movies, and fashion; lots of unknowns; works based on archival material; a mass of photographs and a few paintings; silkscreening; moving images; immobile and animated artifacts; drawings done in pencil, water, ink, and gouache; human ashes mixed with water; people talking while others are cutting wood; memories, true and fantasized stories, and the shadow of William Burroughs. And then there is also nature with its moutnains, oceans, and more or less threatening skies; plus winds and spells. No smoke without fire…” – Curator Michel Blancsubé

Entrance collage by Hedi Slimane, Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, Francis Alÿs, Dennis Hopper, John Waters, Miguel Rodríguez Sepúlveda, Peter Holzhauer, Fernando Carbajal, Robert Mapplethorpe, Steven Klein.


Sebastián Rodriguez Romo

Francis Alÿs in collaboration with Julien Devaux


Slater Bradley


Marco Rountree Cruz


Bene Bergado

Yoshihiro Suda


Tatiana Trouvé


George Stoll


Patricia Faure


Christopher Williams

Although the pieces were taken from so many different contexts, sources and time periods, I loved the way they connected through form, color and sometimes subject matter. I can only imagine what a hard (but fun!) task it would be to dig through the collection’s 1400+ pieces and select just a few to present.

Another interesting part  of Poule! was that the pieces  were not only shown in the main gallery but continued upstairs in the office space. Seeing their vast book and magazine collections was one of the highlights for me.

Poule! is on view at Jumex until september 2012

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