Haphy – Alex Heilbron

HAPHY is a whimsical, non-sense word that describes a partial feeling half-way happy. The exhibition is a light-hearted but emphatic response to the habitual interpretation of contemporary art. The show features a selection of Heilbron’s paintings and drawings from the past four years. Alex uses a non-linear narrative that ties her images together with insistent visual language.

Alex’s work speaks to the relationship between contemporary paintings, and the dichotomy of pop culture and pop art. Her practice diffuses these barriers in an unpretentious manner while creating a structure and sensibility that allows her to work within her own constraints. The bright, off-putting textures of paint and playful comic-style lines along with her use of negative space in a cut out composition create a narrative referencing 70’s style cartoons and modernist paintings.

Having studied at the Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art and receiving her BFA at the San Francisco Art Institute, Alex has exhibited her artwork nationally and internationally, including shows in Germany, France, San Francisco and Los Angeles. HAPHY will mark her first solo show in Vancouver.


Opening Reception Thursday April 19th
Showing April 21st to May5th
Thursdays to Saturdays | 12:30-5:30
Shudder Gallery | 433 Columbia St


Curated by Sharona Franklin

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