BARTHOLOMEW Show curated by JSBJ at GSB Stockholm


March 30 to April 28 . 2012

Gallery Steinsland Berliner

Bondegatan 70, 116 33 Stockholm, Sweden

Ann Woo
Amy Lombard
Andreas Banderas
Andrew Laumann
Aurélien Arbet
Brian Khek
Daniel Everett
David Schoerner
Dmytrij Wulffius
Flemming Ove Bech
Grant Cornett
Israel Lund
Jason Nocito
Jérémie Egry
Mårten Lange
Martin Oppel
Nicholas Gottlund
Nicolas Poillot
Ofer Wolberger
Piotr Łakomy
Samuel François
Santiago Mostyn
Sasha Kurmaz
Travesss Smalley
Victoria Hely-Hutchinson
Vincent Kohler

Curated by JSBJ

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With the support of :

Janvier – Après Midi Lab – Red Bull


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