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  1. Erik Lavesson, Nik Geene and Timothy Furey present “How Many of Us Have Them”

    Exercise is proud to present three young german artists, Erik Lavesson (b.1982), Timothy Furey (b. 1981) and Nik Geene (b. 1986). March 9 — March 25 Opening reception Friday March 9, 7-10 PM Nibbles and cocktails, fire fighter radio and

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  2. Chloé-S/S12

  3. L’amour L’apres – Midi (1972) – Eric Rohmer

  4. W/ Editions

    Asher Penn   “W/ Editions” –  New limited artist prints by  W/ PROJECTS Available at the Dependent Art Fair – Saturday March 10th, 2012. All photographs by David Brandon Geeting   Marlous Borm   Mark Owens Eric Wrenn Dante Carlos John Bohl  

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  5. Larry Clark Interview

    Great little Larry Clark interview. He touches briefly on drugs, how rock n roll saved his life and about how the teenage skate culture in New York heavily influencing his break thru movies Kids… Larry Clark interview by Charles Serre

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  6. Spike Lee’s All Star Baseball Caps for Spin (1990)

    Spike Lee reviews his favorite baseball caps for Spin Magazine. (1990) Photos by Ari Marcopoulos. via Gary Warnett / Youmightfindyourself