ADIEU x 01 Lieu De Culte Installation photos

Here are the photos from our installation that we did with Adieu if you haven’t had a chance to walk by and see it…


Lieu de Culte is a place of worship that resides in the window at 8 East Cordova @ Carrall until March 31st. Adieu x 01 Magazine collaborated to create a series of altars, playfully showcasing objects and ideas that have cultivated their comradery through out the years.


Altar no.1/ Nothing:

Black still life, a picture frame displaying black, black medals nobody won and a black puzzle. A few selected cult objects pulled from Melinda’s bedroom: “Hollywood Wives” (in Spanish) by Jackie Collins, YSL cigarettes, Tobias Wong Chanel matches, and a black letter from a friend.

This black altar played with the idea of worshiping nothing. “Nothing denotes things lacking importance, interest, value, relevance, or significance”– Merriam-Webster dictionary, in this case nothing, ( represented in black) was exactly the opposite, with every object having special meaning, value and significance.

Altar no.2/ Jeunesse Eternelle:

White flowers, crystal glasses stacked like fountains, Paul Stanley bust from a Mexican flea market placed on top of drinking glasses found in Redia’s cupboards, broken silver glass from a smashed tv found in Strathcona, ceramic swans raided from all the thrift shops in downtown Victoria and our cast hands making our favorite rock signs.

The white altar worships the beauty of music, youth and rebellion.


Thank you to Jennifer Latour and Bruce Houston from Mastersfx studios for helping us cast (and fix!) the hands.

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