Errors in Production – Heike Bollig

“Errors in Production is an ongoing collection of a variety of products with individual manufacturing errors. Although I actively seek these objects, I mostly come across them accidentally or friends and salesclerks pass them on to me.” – Heike Bollig 2011

Above: Teabag
h: 4,5 cm, w: 25,4cm
Found at a Vietnamese grocer’s shop, Berlin, 2005
String too long

Imanuel Kant; Kritik der Reinen Vernunft
h: 15 cm, w: 10 cm, t: 4 cm
Reclams Universal Library, Stuttgart
Found at University Bookshop Munich, 2004
Incorrectly cut

Brown Beck’s beer bottle
h: 24 cm, Ø: 6,3 cm, 0,33l
Glass refundable bottle, Beck´s Brewery Bremen
Found at SO 36 Club, Berlin 2005
Incorrect bottle

Ø 1,5 cm
Manufacturer unknown, 2009

h:4,3 cm, Ø 0,1 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found in Berlin 2005
Only a fraction of the tip is coated with sulfur

3 pink balloons
h: 9 cm w: 8,1 cm,
Manufacturer unknown,
Received from Yuka Oyama, 2005
3 balloons melted together

Ø 2,1 cm, h:0,01 cm
United States, Five Cents
Found by Emily Pugh, New York, 2008
Blank Coin

I Ging
h: 12 cm, w: 8 cm, t: 1,3 cm
Small Diogenes paper book, 1995
Diogenes Publishing House Zurich
Found at University Bookshop Munich, 2004
Incorrectly cut

h: 8 cm, Ø 1,5 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found 2009
No screw thread

h:10,5 cm, Ø: 8 cm,
klassis brunkal, Procordia Food AB
Found in Stockholm, 2008
Multipel labels

Liquorice Star
h:1,1 cm, w:3 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found in Stockholm, 2005

Pretzel stick
h:11,5 cm, w:1cm
Manufacturer unknown
Received from Jürgen Drescher 2006

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