Erik Lavesson, Nik Geene and Timothy Furey present “How Many of Us Have Them”

Exercise is proud to present three young german artists, Erik Lavesson (b.1982), Timothy Furey (b. 1981) and Nik Geene (b. 1986).

March 9 — March 25

Opening reception Friday March 9, 7-10 PM
Nibbles and cocktails, fire fighter radio and rain recordings from 7 pm.


Talking in cranky stupid voice, rolling eyes in slow reaction speed. We get the sense that if Julia doesn’t get in soon we won’t be able to go on much further. The passengers are always seated in the back and are either alone or looking out the window. A piece of plexi glass separates Mel from his clients who stay largely unresponsive and detached. Idling at the red light, indicators and double exhaust fumes mixing like copper and steam.

Watch your love and watch your friends grow closer
Is it lonely out here or am I alone?

Hardware only works when you have software
software only works when you have hardware.

Air is to brass what rust is like stealin’

Thunder only happens when it’s rainin’
Players only love you when they’re playin.

Sleep only happens when it’s rainin’,
Rainers only love you when complainin’.

Roger’s Arena
Bridget’s Flags and other things, Expo globes.
Hockey things
Asian food
Jackson ave, Princess drive.
Fish tanks in front of windows, are you hungry?
American Express
U-turning into you
Strange you never knew…
Georgia again,
No passing without wavers.

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