1975 Documentary: Henry Miller-Asleep And Awake

Tom Schiller’s 1975 short documentary (35mins) follows Henry Miller in his home in New York. He brings the viewers into his bathroom to talk about the many postings plastered on his washrooms walls. The connection that he shares with the imagery is as captivating as the visual brilliance. I am drawn to the voice and the over all great story telling that the author was famous for.


  1. Zack says:

    I love this man and his writings. There is a library dedicated to him in Big Sur, CA which I have visited a few times. The photo of the man with the lady’s buttocks is preserved in the library itself and when I mentioned it to one of the librarians he didn’t really care about it.

    However, next to the picture there was a letter from a person dated in the 1990’s describing how disgusted they were by the photo and asked the library to take the photo down. Obviously they didn’t know anything about Miller.

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