Hixsept – Variations – SS 2012


The new Hixsept ss12 collection entitled Variations is based on notions such as alternativeness, change and evolution.

To envisage everything differently, to retire, to get away from the city and build yourself a shelter -to live differently-

The elements that make up this collection are the visual reflection of this way of thinking.

To blend several periods so as to bring together past references and radically new directions.

Each product is thereby made out of materials chosen for their natural value, such as cotton, linen or mother-of-pearl.

The use of Brut denim, “stone-wash” or dyeing, also gives the items an authentic feel.

The cuts and finishing touches are of simple yet sophisticated aesthetic design –definitely up-to-date-

The range of colors plays upon contrasts and goes from organic tones such as ecru or washed-out blue, to bright hot colors like orange, green or yellow.

The patterns are simple stripes or carefully selected checkers.

The choice of material and accessories was made from high-quality products from England, Italy or France, yet adding to the top-of-the-range aspect of this collection.

Variations also offers a quintessentially French collaboration with the shoes brand Spring Court.  The result: a unique Lo-cut model, which uses a striped material inspired by the colors from the collection.

In addition, the Hixsept creators are editing a new series of TS print with 4 photographs they especially like: a bouquet of Orange Lilies by Ann Woo, a donkey byWill Adler, a pile of books by Jason Nocito, and a countryside landscape byCharles Negre.

Finally, the collection is topped off by a micro-series of accessories (cap and belt) created exclusively for the Opening Ceremony boutiques in NYC and LA.

Variations is a call to distance yourself from your habits and from original versions to move forward.


Art direction and layout : Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry

Photos : Jeremy Liebman

Model : Justin Passmore

Set design : W.A.R.S

Shooting location : Queens – NY

Additional pictures :

Ann Woo, Will Adler, Aurélien Arbet & Jérémie Egry, Charles Negre, Jason Nocito

(c) Hixsept 2012



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