Maison Martin Margiela: Artisanal spring/summer 2012

Maison Martin Margiela presented “ARTISANAL” their spring/summer 2012 collection at Le Bar du Comptoir Général in Paris.

They posted the presentation on their facebook page and in keeping with the artisanal theme, added a description of the materials and the time it took to make each garment. 80 hours for a macrame trenchcoat? Artisanal indeed.

Margiela’s philosphy is always interesting and a prominent part of each collection. In an exchange of letters from 2005-2005, Malcom McLaren reaches out to Margiela by mail to talk ideas and life. (Read here in New York Times)

Pantsuit: a pantsuit entirely embroidered with mother-of-pearl buttons, lined in silk.
Production time: 97 hours for the jacket; 80 for the pants.

Pantsuit: a “Pearly Kings”-spirit embroidered pantsuit with mother-of-pearl buttons, lined in silk. Production time: 78 hours for the jacket; 61 for the pants.

Dress: a form-fitting, molded bustier dress made of macramé bags.
Production time: 43 hours.

Overcoat: a classic coat made of macramé bags.
Production time: 82 hours.

Jacket and shirt-front: a jacket and molded shirt-front, made of woven, knit or macraméed cord and string. Production time: 142 hours.


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