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  1. Abraham Cruzvillegas at Kurimanzutto

    Mexican conceptual artist Abraham Cruzvillegas is usually known for his work with found objects, but his latest show in Mexico city, “Nuestra Imagen Actual: Autorretratos Recientes” (Our Actual Image: Recent Self-portraits) sees him going back to a more primal form

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  2. New Pictures 5: Jason Fulford

    “A few years ago, a friend gave artist Jason Fulford a manila envelope, found at a flea market. The envelope contained 80 photographs of mushrooms, each composed and annotated with the care of someone who just had to be a

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  3. Hixsept – Variations – SS 2012

    HIXSEPT – VARIATIONS _ SS12 The new Hixsept ss12 collection entitled Variations is based on notions such as alternativeness, change and evolution. To envisage everything differently, to retire, to get away from the city and build yourself a shelter -to

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  4. The Plant Journal #2

    Something that I am really looking forward to is the upcoming issue of Barcelona based The Plant Journal. Hats off to the talented founders Cristina Merino, Isabel Merino and Carol Montpart as the preview spreads are stunning as usual! See

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    Martiniano Lopez Crozet, one half of Los Super Elegantes, has started his own eponymous unisex shoe line, which will debut this spring at select stores. But Los Angelenos are in for a real treat this Saturday when he hosts a sample

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  6. A Recurring Dream – Coley Brown

    A Recurring Dream is emerging American photographer Coley Brown’s fourth publication and second after Jam Jelly Honey Wild Rice in collaboration with Gottlund Verlag. The photographs in A Recurring Dream are a subtle shift from Brown’s previous work. The book

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  7. New Book:Aurel Schmidt-Florid Reveries

    Congrats Aron for another great artist featured book! We look forward to having it!   Aurel Schmidt: Florid Reveries The New York Hyper Realist Goes Floral with Her Dainty Colored Pencil Drawings Delicate floral creations meet rough and ready makeshift

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  8. Blog Responsibly via nothing is new

  9. ‘Leeside Skateboard Mayhem’

    Spotted, courtesy Ryan Thompson of Anteism.

  10. Maison Martin Margiela: Artisanal spring/summer 2012

    Maison Martin Margiela presented “ARTISANAL” their spring/summer 2012 collection at Le Bar du Comptoir Général in Paris. They posted the presentation on their facebook page and in keeping with the artisanal theme, added a description of the materials and the

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  11. Givenchy spring 2012 Couture

    Riccardo Tisci decided to take the 2012 season of Givenchy Haute Couture into the baskeball court.

  12. milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre

    1984 is the birthday of the two textile designers behind milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre. Based in Lyon, France they create silk scarves the old-fashioned way each collection with a set of beautiful modern illustrations.