Wish You Were Here-A Photographic Retrospective of 80’s Casuals

‘Casual culture’ … one of the least known British youth cults but probably the one that has had the most effect on contemporary menswear today.

Where: Jonathan+Olivia 49 Ossington Ave Toronto

When: Thusrday 15th December from 6pm- 9pm

“As hip hop stormed the States the U.K. saw the emergence of its own unique youth movement. Mods, Rockers, Hippies, Skinheads, Punks they’d all had their moment. The ‘80s belonged to a new breed. The Football Casual. Whereas most subcultures had their roots in a particular musical style the Casuals were obsessed with Football. And, as with most things tribal, that inevitably lead to trouble.
A collection of 60+ photographs taken by the protagonists themselves, a group of young Leeds United supporters, Wish You Were Here is a window to their world. Lovable rogues using whatever cameras they could get their hands on, documenting the times, the fashions, the friendships, the football and the fights.
Wish you Were There? I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Neither should you.”



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