End Of An Era:Laser show ends Jan 28th

Too bad. We went to the planetarium to check the schedule and found out the news…See it before its gone. It will blow your mind…

Vancouver, BC, November 8, 2011 – “The time is gone; the song is over,” (Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd). After more than 30 years, regularly scheduled laser shows at the Planetarium will wrap up on January 28, 2012.

A staple at the Space Centre for many years, laser shows by Roundhouse Productions (headed by Craig McCaw) presented music and visuals in Vancouver’s iconic Planetarium theatre. For anyone needing a fix of Floyd or Zeppelin (with some more contemporary artists in the mix for added interest), they could be assured to get it most weekend nights at the Planetarium. It was a comfortable constant in the city.

Laser shows will be running through November (with the exception of November 12), then on hiatus during December, returning for the final run in January 2012 (final night January 28) It is anticipated that Roundhouse Productions will announce plans for a closing event in upcoming weeks.

Check out schedule.

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