Blog Post Archive (October 2011)

  1. Find Your Spot and Occupy It

    “A lonely vigil in remote Alaska. . . . The tundra is outside of Bethel, Alaska. The day is chill. The sentiment is solid. Find your spot. Occupy it. Even if it is only your own mind. Keep this going.” Photo 1

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  2. Jelani, 16 Year Old Wall Street Protestor

    Jelani, a 16-year-old protester who traveled with his grandmother from Pontiac, Michigan to New York City for the Occupy Wall Street protests. “I had never slept on the street before,” he says. His mom said it was okay to take

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  3. 2 New Blue Zines

    Paris/New York based publishers Je Suis une Bande de Jeunes announced the release of two new additions to their Blue Zine Series: “Quand les yeux sont remplis” by Klara Källström and “Seconde Nature” by Jennilee Marigomen. QUAND LES YEUX SONT

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  4. Nostalgia – Hollis Frampton (1971)

    Reading: Michael Snow via Little Brown Mushroom

  5. Stephan Schneider-F/W 11

  6. Discovery, 1-5

    From the “Ground Truth” series, Peter Happel Christian (2011)

  7. Blog On Blog (Blogs We Love) – Letterheady

    Bill Cosby, 1991 Keith Haring Charles Schulz, 1958   Gene Shalit John Hughes, 1990 Life, 1922   Michael Jackson   Ray Charles, 1990   Richard Simmons, 2009   Saul Bass, 1988     The Breakfast Club, 1985     Whitney

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  8. You’ve Got To Find What You Love

    Steve Jobs at his home office, 1982 “I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. I never graduated from college. Truth be told, this is the closest I’ve

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  9. Neighbour Grand Opening / Seconde Nature Book Launch

    In collaboration with Neighbour and JSBJ – Je Suis une Bande de Jeunes, will be celebrating the launch of my first book / zine at Neighbour next Friday for their grand opening party. Hope to see you. Neighbour Grand Opening

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  10. Wings+Horns S/S12

    The new Wings + Horns lookbook for S/S12 that I styled and worked on with the great team at CYC is finally up. Makes you wish you can fast forward to Spring already. Looking good Johnny B!    

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  11. Underneath the Surface: Cycles of the Sun and Scenes

    This Friday at Gallery Fukai showcases work by Christopher Kowal and Scott Massey. The show is curated by artist Ian Skedd.     A mere different arrangement of the particulars of the scene, of the details of the picture, would

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