01 Magazine No 7 – Documented

The 7th issue of 01 Magazine is finally up… and now we get to celebrate Halloween!

Thanks to Caffe Brixton for putting up with our company and providing us with many cups of coffee and a beautiful place to work.


01 Magazine No 7 – Documented

Hans Ulrich Obrist
Steven Shearer
Andy Beach
Confetti System
Lightning Dust
Jérémie Egry & Aurélien Arbet
Peter Sutherland & Maia Ruth Lee
Ari Marcopoulos
The Acid Sweat Lodge
Robert Arndt
Agnes Thor
Matthew Stadler
Patrick Parrish
Erin Templeton
Josh Olson
Charlie Engman
Becky Brisco
Jessica Williams & Espen Friberg
Mari Kojima
Skool Daze (ABD)
Fabulous Finds
Jonnie Craig
Rebecca Brewer
Ryan Smith
Crom: A Retrospective


Photo: Jérémie Egry


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