Organic Relationships

Anders Edström Untitled, 2002

Jue and Anoa, Yuki Kimura, Anders Edström,
Yukinori Maeda, Stephen Sprott, J.Parker Valentine, Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda

September 23rd – October 15th, 2011
137 Kino-cho, Iwakura, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Open 10:30 – 18:30 (Closed on Sunday)

“Echoing repeated the next generation ORGANIC RELATIONSHIPS ~” exhibition, art projects as part of the COSMIC WONDER, is a group exhibition by artists of the seven sets. Participating artists Anders Edstrom, Yukinori Maeda, Jue and Anoa, Yuki Kimura, J. Parker Valentine, Stephen Sprott, Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda. Focuses on everyday photography and video by each artist with a minimalist perspective on ongoing activities, drawing, music, and this exhibition is composed by.

Echo repeated the next generation

Intent-linked organic ecosystem
expansion contraction
or ex draw a waveform with a spread wave originating from the pieces
of their relationship to foster generated
(from the Concept Seat Jue and Anoa)

We are born to single horizons and continued with repeated and creative response.
In this place all the hydrated inclusions,立Chi止Mari sometimes hear the flow of air, singing,
with infinite gradations of color, and daily life continued.
Love to play drew the gap interval and habits of mind, feeling the passage of time and memory,
also, each of us the light to cross the universe, making sure the vibration

In this exhibition, we dropped the focus on the everyday,
the correlation between work and minimal action with a view to continuous,
gradually add organic and intensive observation.
Capturing life as life, and foster a loving relationship between a simple and
that is not looking how to do important things in life.
Space to allow a question to tell them of our everyday.
But one thing that shows the road to beautiful,
certainly might be here now.”

JUE AND ANOA” Organic Relationships” x YOSHIMIO with DRUMS (Tatekawa Yo2ro, Yoshimi from BOREDOMS)

September 30th, 2011
18:00-19:00 (site open 17:00) admission free
137 Kino-cho, Iwakura, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

About Organization Cosmic Wonder / About Center for COSMIC WONDER

Cosmic Wonder than in 1997, is the organization started by artists YUKINORI MAEDA. Art, fashion, through the publication of three different projects, and conducts its international release. An art project “COSMIC WONDER”, performing general production of lifestyle products including fashion “COSMIC WONDER Light Source”, producing print and audio CD “COSMIC WONDER Free Press” became one of these activities, Cosmic Wonder organization that has formed.

In 2007, as a base to embody the work, in Tokyo and Osaka, we opened the Center for COSMIC WONDER. Presentations and works COSMIC WONDER, sales COSMIC WONDER Light Source, business activities related to the publication of COSMIC WONDER Free Press, also has organized activities such as exhibitions and concerts curated. Exhibition at the Center for COSMIC WONDER that are deployed as part of the COSMIC WONDER art projects, the fellowship as a place to resonant acoustics of the space of individual viewers, and continues to open new horizons to share time and space.

Kyoto Seika
Cosmic Wonder

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