Hamburger Eyes Annual Auction & Exhibition

Party Tower – Alex Martinez

Hamburger Eyes Annual Auction & Exhibition
September 4 2011 – September 13 2011

Featuring work by:
Sean Jerd, Ted Pushinsky, Alexander Martinez, Oscar Mendoza, Ray Potes, David Potes, Dennis Mcgrath, Thomas Campbell, Jason Roberts Dobrin, Raphael Villet, Michael Jang, Stefan Simikich, Josh Lazcano, Audrey Erickson, Uri Korn, John Oliver Hodges, Mark Murrmann, Lonnie Dean, Ryan Furtado, Brian David Stevens, Jennilee Marigomen, Brian Henderson, Barry Mcgee, Jesse Hlebo, Lisa Weiss, Ed Templeton, Chris Atwood, Alex Knost, Andrew Paynter, Ken Nagahara, Francesco Deiana, Bill Daniel, Nolan Hall, Joe Brook, Cali Dewitt, Naomi Vanderkindren, Jai Tanju, Michael J Demeo, KC Ortiz, Greg Hunt, John Harding, Emilio Banuelos, Kanoa Zimmerman, Amanda Marsalis, Bryan Derballa, Andrea Sonnenberg, Michael Hernandez, Dave Schubert, Tobin Yelland, and more.


It’s About Time – Ray Potes


Swan Song – David Potes


Cancer Cactus – Nolan Hall


A Man A Child And A Horse – Brian David Stevens


Alex + Mohinder  2009, Taco Bell Beach – Josh Lazcano


Untitled – Barry McGee


London, Winter 2009 – Amanda Marsalis


Doggy 5’s – Andrea Sonnenberg


The auction will take place on Ebay for 10 days, and people all over the planet will be able to participate and bid on photographs and paintings from Hamburger Eyes contributors, supporters, friends, and family. All proceeds will benefit photography by helping Hamburger Eyes continue to produce world class books and magazines, as well as operate their darkroom rental facilty, the Photo Epicenter.

Auction begins Sunday, September 4th 2011 and will run through Tuesday, September 13th 2011, ending on the 11th, 12th, and 13th. See auction here:

The entire collection will be on exhibit at The San Francisco Zinefest in the Hamburger Eyes section

San Francisco Zinefest
September 3 + 4, 2011, 11am – 6pm

San Francisco County Fair BLDG
1199 9th Ave and Lincoln Way (in Golden Gate Park)

Hamburger Eyes Auction
San Francisco Zinefest
Hamburger Eyes

Interview with David Potes here

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