Blog Post Archive (August 2011)

  1. William Burroughs: Cut ups and poetry

    Watch William Burroughs explain how he does his cut ups which is a process that he used sometimes in his work. Watch the whole BBC documentary on William Burrough’s here

  2. Thursday:Roden Gray-Wings + Horns F/W 11 Launch

      Come check out the exclusive launch of Wings + Horns Fall/Winter 2011 collection this Thursday at Roden Gray. The party begins at 6pm. You must RSVP at or on Facebook to get in. Check out Wing + Horns 

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  3. Brotown – The Acid Sweat Lodge Exhibition

    We are very proud to co-present Brotown, an exhibition by The Acid Sweat Lodge, with The Storyboard Label. Be on the lookout for our upcoming interview with The Acid Sweat Lodge. Brotown By The Acid Sweat Lodge September 9th –

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  4. Adventures in Killing The Radio Star

  5. Ode To Common Things

    Ode To Common Things, 2010 – Lenard Smith

  6. Home Is Where The Art Is

    “Home Is Where The Art Is” – The New York Observer, August 16 2011

  7. Portrait Lab

    “This blog is dedicated to portrait, as a way, for me, to share my personal perception of humanity (through people I Love, admire, desire or simply appreciate for any other reason) and photography experiments. My purpose is to post, at

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  8. 1986: Serge Gainsbourg + Whitney Houston

    A young Whitney Houston gets hit on by a very belligerent Serge Gainsbourg on a French television show. Pretty ironic if you fast forward to now… Thanks Danielle!

  9. Songs In The Key of V

    “The premise of “Songs In The Key Of V” was to compile a collection of tracks that I felt echoed elements of The Velvet Underground in a significant way. I’m not saying these songs could not have existed if The

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  10. Some Paintings

    Left: Monique Mouton / Right: Andrew Pommier / Bottom: Ben Reeves Some Paintings August 11th – September 1st, 2011. Opening on Thursday 6-8pm. New works by gallery artists Ben Reeves, Erin McSavaney and Etienne Zack. With works by guest artists

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  11. Tonight: Cheap & Easy-Cows & Cousins video premiere

    The boys of summer making vids and drinking beers!  

  12. Sophnet-F/W 11