Leaving Me

Leaving Me is an archive of images taken by Filip Olszewski. The photographs are taken through his apartment window, of the same female figure (his girlfriend) leaving his apartment.

“Filip’s studied effort to record and catalog his girlfriend may not be extraordinary on its own. Many of us take photographs of our significant others, eating spaghetti from twelve different angles or yawning in the morning. Maybe we write obsessively about them in our diaries, read then reread the letters they leave us, house the things they forget at our place in a shoebox…. Olszewski’s project does not occupy the space of heaving bosoms and cozy morning-afters. Aptly titled Leaving me, it fixates unflinchingly on that terrifying thought, freezing and replicating that terrifying moment – that of his love literally leaving him – ad infinitum. This collection of photographs, in their strange way, allows him to keep that which he can never really hold onto completely. “Arielle Gavin

Thanks Arielle

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