Thursday: 01 Magazine X The Flying Pigeon-Launch Party

In collaboration with 01 Magazine and The Flying Pigeon, we will be launching the opening of the Flying Pigeon showroom in the 01 Magazine Pop Up space to highlight the brand. Come by the store for our opening, 7pm on Thursday, July 28th for drinks or to just say hello. (FB invite here.)






The Flying Pigeon Video:



Director/Producer: Adrian Buitenhuis

Art Director/ Stylist: Redia Soltis


About The Flying Pigeon


Only one bicycle has earned the distinction of being the single most popular mechanized vehicle on the planet. That bike is The Flying Pigeon. Given as national gifts to presidents and dignitaries alike, these are bicycles with stories, cultural icons, working machines built to last a lifetime.


First unveiled in China in 1950, and based on English roadster cycles from the early 20th century, the styling is classic. The look, iconic. The history, rich. And the Flying Pigeon is now available in Canada for the very first time.


*With special thanks to ‘The Found And The Freed’ for providing the inspired collection of artifacts, antiques, and found objects that fill our space.

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    […] design which looked to European examples for inspiration. The Flying Pigeon will team up with 01 Magazine to launch a pop-up space at Parking Spot in Vancouver’s Gastown area later this week. The […]

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