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  1. Just a Kiss

    “On July 19, 2007, police arrested Cambodian-French artist Rindy Sam after she kissed one panel of Twombly’s triptychPhaedrus. The panel, an all-white canvas, was smudged by Sam’s red lipstick. She was tried in a court in Avignon for “voluntary degradation

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  2. RIP: Cy Twombly

  3. Blog On Blog (Blogs We Love): Hobbyday

    Hobbyday is a blog dedicated to peoples hobbies. Above: Canoeing – Kasane Nogawa Canoeing – Kasane Nogawa Gardening – Pierre Hourquet Camping – Nicholas Gottlund Collecting – Max Lab Skateboarding – Clarke Tolton Gardening – Ye Rin Mok Hiking –

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  4. Whilst moving backwards through a series of thresholds, one finds oneself, inexorably, indoors

    Whilst moving backwards through a series of thresholds, one finds oneself, inexorably, indoors A group show featuring works by Maryanne Casasanta, Steven Hubert, Bitsy Knox, and Les Ramsay Curated by Jill Orsten July 8-August 6, 2011 Opening Reception: July 8,

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  5. New Books Online

    New online books to see on Books Online. Atlantic – Ali Bosworth Bamboo Houses – Cristiano Guerri Blur is Beautiful – Paul Paper Change of Course – Jennilee Marigomen Desert – Ye Rin Mok Home and Away – Wyne Veen

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  6. Happy Independence Day

    For our American friends.

  7. Chain Letter

    “Chain Letter” is an exhibition that simultaneously takes place in 10 different cities around the world. Similar to a chain letter, 10 curators/artists have been invited to participate. Those 10 then invite 10 artists that they admire. Those 10 invite

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  8. Buying Cheaper

    The race to purchase artwork at The Cheaper Show, a one night art exhibition that took place last month in Vancouver. Buyers were in line at 3am the night before at a chance to buy one of the 400 pieces

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  9. New York Visits

    We have a lot of exciting projects ahead for 01 Magazine. Being in New York fueled the fire for us to venture into unguarded territory for creative endeavors for the future. We met with people that inspire us but also

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  10. Trollflöjten (The Magic Flute) – Ingmar Bergman (1975)

  11. Kaarlie Hurtig

    Photos by Finland based photographer, Kaarlie Hurtig.

  12. Happy Canada Day