Chain Letter


“Chain Letter” is an exhibition that simultaneously takes place in 10 different cities around the world. Similar to a chain letter, 10 curators/artists have been invited to participate. Those 10 then invite 10 artists that they admire. Those 10 invite 10 more and so on. This cycle continues for 30 days.

The result is an exponentially massive, artist-curated group show based entirely on admiration.

David Horvitz started the Berlin chain and invited me as one of his 10 admired artists in his thread of the exhibition. He will be showing the artwork collected from his grouping at Arles (Les Rencontres d’Arles – where David is nominated for the Discovery Award), Paris, Stuttgart, and Berlin during the month of July. The location of the opening in Berlin on July 16th will be announced on Twitter. The 10 artists whom I admire reside in Vancouver, Victoria, Brooklyn, Paris, Scranton and Baltimore.

Here is a listing of the artists who are participating, from the chain David “curated”. From his last update, he has received over 300 envelopes of artwork in the mail – all from people connected by admiration.

Chain Letter was created by Emily Mast.

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