Blog Post Archive (June 2011)

  1. Blanket Contemporary Gallery: Eli Bornowsky

    Check out interview that Nathalee did with Eli for 01 here. Eli Bornowsky June 9 – July 16, 2011 Opening Reception Thursday June 9 6-9pm Blanket is very pleased to present a solo show by Eli Bornowsky. This is the

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  2. 01 Magazine at The Venice Biennale: Hany Armanious

    La Biennale di Venezia features Hany Armanious, the Sydney-based artist whose sculptural work often engages ancient and contemporary cultural phenomena.

  3. Our Legacy: S/S 11

  4. Or Gallery Berlin: Rachelle Sawatsky- Mixed Pictures

  5. BBC: Monkeys+Alcohol

    A similarity in drinking habits with monkeys and humans. Check out video. Funny…

  6. Today: Peter Sutherland+ Andrew Sutherland

    If you are in London today… ‘Every week is Nepal week’ First Peter Sutherland & Andrew Sutherland duo-show in London. Andrew and Peter’ videos are the result of their different travels and experiences. Hovering between amateur video and experimental video,

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  7. 01 Magazine At The Venice Biennale: Being seen

    Alot of different walks of life were checking out the exhibition in Venice. Here is a few characters that we bumped into along the way… Rick Owens and friend Orlan and friend Kasper König Ladies in red with white umbrellas

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  8. 01 Magazine at Venice Biennale

    Sigmar Polke R.H. Quaytman Gabriel Kuri Guy de Cointet Haroon Mirza Jack Goldstein Marinella Senatore Monika Sosnowska

  9. 01 Magazine at Venice Biennale: Gerard Bryne

    Gerard Bryne is  a visual artist working with photographic, video, and live art. Beautiful photography…

  10. A Détacher:S/S11

  11. 01 Magazine at Venice Biennale: DAS INSTITUT

    In 2007 Kerstin Brätsch and Adele Röder collaborated to form Import/Export agency DAS INSTITUT. They live and work in New York and Berlin.

  12. 01 Magazine at Venice Biennale: Carol Bove

    Carol Bove is a New York based artist and collector whose work involves mining memory as artistic material.