Mayumi Hosokura

Mayumi Hosokura

Mayumi Hosokura


99% of the time, watching people take pictures is extremely boring. Even watching the genius William Eggleston in the documentary “In The Real World” was painfully dull and no matter how much experimental music the filmmaker threw over the footage of him hobbling around pressing his shutter button didn’t help at all.

Japanese photographer Mayumi Hosokura is no exception. She takes really cold, dreamy photos of men, whom are usually naked in the forest or in her apartment as well as photos of ghostly rocks, trees, and waterfalls… I have been a fan of her work since I first moved to Japan and was lucky to finally meet her recently. Last weekend she invited me on a day trip to the mountains with her friends, but besides being happy to be out of the city and hanging out with wonderful people, it was really boring to watch her take pictures.

Maybe the only time photography was ever exciting to watch was when I saw a 15-second silent clip of the young Henri Cartier-Bresson on the street… he was walking with both arms behind his back. Even so, he was cocking the lever of his camera and maybe even adjusting the aperture without even looking like it was all burned into his brain… all of a sudden he hops down from the sidewalk and begins skipping in the gutter catching up to a man, who was originally in front of him, and snaps the dude’s photo from the side while being in mid-air like a graceful ballerina.

I think that was it.


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