Sit and Read at Brimfield

Kyle Garner in Brimfield, Massachusetts. (“The best flea market in the Northeast”)

“As a kid growing up on Long Island, I hated old furniture. My dad dragged me to yard sales every weekend when I wanted to be playing basketball with my friends instead of digging around piles of rusty tools and broken guitars. But he must have planted a seed in my brain, because in my early twenties, while I was studying photography in the Bay Area, I fell in love with the flea markets of Northern California. Back in New York in 2007, when I was working as a production designer on “Wild Combination,” I had a problem: where to keep all of the furniture and props I was collecting for my sets? At first I stowed them in a storage unit in Long Island City, but when that became full, I started putting a few things up on Craigslist, just to clear out space. As word of the finds spread on Apartment Therapy and elsewhere and production wrapped on the movie, I started a blog of my own as a way to catalog the inventory. By the time the first Brooklyn Flea was held, the next spring, I’d begun buying furniture in earnest and kept a booth at the market for its first year.

Sit and Read soon opened a small by-appointment studio on a bleak stretch of industrial Bushwick, Brooklyn, where I began focusing on making better photographs. The light at 333 Scholes was simply amazing (and those floors!), but the Bushwick space was a little too off the beaten path, and Sit and Read eventually found a home in a storefront on Grand Street in Williamsburg.” – Kyle Garner

Sit and Read | 6 Decades Gallery

236 Grand Street

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Sit and Read at Strawser & Smith

487 Driggs Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Video by Part & Parcel

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