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  1. Old Faithful 1 Year Anniversary Party

    Our friends & 01 contributor, Walter & Savannah are having a birthday party tonight! Hope to see you. RSVP here.

  2. 15,000 Words

    Hua Jin, Silent Time #4 (2010), 18”x 22”, 1/8 15,000 Words is a group show that explores the breadth of photography. The works investigate the relationship between contrasting styles within the medium and showcase how photography encompasses a multitude of

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  3. Highest Prices Paid For Gold at Clint Roenisch

    Niall McClelland’s exhibition, “Highest Prices Paid For Gold”, runs till June 4th at the Clint Roenisch Gallery. April 28 to June 4th, 2011 Clint Roenisch 944 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario, Canada Tel: 1.416.516.8593 Niall McClelland (More on his

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  4. A Slow Conversation ROLU & YHBHS

    A great interview at YHBHS with Matt Olson (co-founder of ROLU)

  5. Friday May 20th: A good day for horse races

  6. Rachel Comey: S/S11


  7. Rocks & Water

  8. Daisuke Hamada

    Daisuke Hamada is a Japanese photographer and designer of the clothing line Niuhans.

  9. SETUP magazine

    Setup Volume 1, Issue 1 feauring: -Lisa Robertson -Yuhnee Min and Robert Linsley -Eyal Weizman and Carson Chan -Patrick Cruz and Charlie Satterlee -Mark Neufeld -Myfanwy Macleod -Emma LaMorte -Amy Zion -David McGuire Published and distributed by Publication Studio Vancouver,

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  10. eli bornowsky walrus

  11. The More You Look, The Less You See

    John Hughes’s commentary on the museum scene at The Chicago Art Institute in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. (1986) via jesuisperdu

  12. Confetti System:Lighten Up!

    Happy to see our friends at Confetti System doing great things! LIGHTS UP! Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho of CONFETTISYSTEM debut a new public installation and a new collection of designs, presented in collaboration with W/ — Project Space and

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