May 27th: LAURA PIASTA The Smallest of Victories

Check out the interview we did with Laura and Annika Rixen here for our Duo issue.



The Smallest of Victories

May 27th – July 2, 2011

Opening Reception Friday May 27, 7pm – 11pm (Artist in Attendance)

This exhibit of new works by Laura Piasta uses geometry as a motif to signify a system that can stand in for an abstract concept. Using repetition to focus the viewer’s attention on relationships between forms, one is drawn into contemplation of the conceptual narratives behind the work in a way which goes beyond a rational understanding of them. Piasta’s practice derives from her experience as a dancer, where music and emotions were revealed through the lines and positioning of the body. This same disclosure of concepts through placement of the physical is echoed in this exhibition. By engaging the viewer with the perceptual, experiential and physical properties of the pieces one is able to understand the conceptual framework of the works in a way which touches on a transcendent or an intuitive awareness of meaning.

Laura Piasta is currently working towards her Master’s of Fine Arts at Umea Academy of Fine Arts in Sweden. She has had a solo show at Blanket Gallery, Vancouver and has shown at the Atelierhof, Berlin, The Grim Museum, Berlin and The Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver. In 2007 she received a VADA award.

May 27th – July 2nd, 2011

Opening Reception Friday May 27 7pm – 11pm

LES Gallery

1879 Powell Street

Vancouver, BC V5L 1H8


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