Capricious:New York Did It To Me

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As part of New York Photo Festival, Capricious Presents:, an exhibition featuring thirty three New York based emerging photographers.

Sam Contis, Grant Willing, Coley Brown, Sarah Palmer, Eric Chakeen, Kathy Lo, Agnes Thor, Amelia Bauer, Aaron McElroy, Nicole Lesser, Erin Jane Nelson, Alana Celii, Tuomas Korpijaakko, Todd Fisher, iO Tillett Wright, Hyers & Mebane, Skye Parrott, Peter Sutherland, David Geeting, Jessica Olm, Eleonore Hendricks, Luisa Opalesky, Morgan Levy, Rebecca Peters, Caitlin Teal Price, Lizzy Oppenheimer, Julia Gillard, Katheryn Love, Cydney Puro, Justin James Reed, Shawna Ferreira, Anne Hall, Kirsten Kay Thoen.

New York Did It to Me is an exhibition about the kind of craving and wishing that results from living and working among the hustle and grit that is our fair city. The magnetic energy that pulls us here and inspires us also forces us to seek retreat into nature and to reconnect with other sides of ourselves. The selected images transport us to those quiet parts of “New York dreams” – reviving us and bringing us back to the core possibilities we know to exist, even within the intensity of the city.

The exhibition’s natural focus on the emerging artist, ties to the strong mission of Capricious, a magazine, artist book publisher, and curatorial project dedicated to showcasing emerging fine art photography. As a leading fine art photography project, Capricious occupies a rare and whimsical space, operating as both a tool for discovering new talent and as an artists’ oasis.

This exhibition will open at Smack Mellon (92 plymouth street) on May 11th as a part of New York Photo Festival. For more information on Capricious and other events taking place during the festival, please go to the NYPH’11 page!

image courtesy of Coley Brown

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