You Don’t Need Teeth to Play Tennis


Jason McLean and Mark DeLong

You Don’t Need Teeth to Play Tennis

LES Gallery

April 15th – May 14th, 2011

Opening Reception April 15th, 7pm (artists in attendance)

Canadian Art Gallery Hop talk with Mark DeLong April 30th, 4pm

Loosely based on sporting themes, this exhibition of works by Mark DeLong and Jason McLean will include painting, drawing, ceramics and sculpture. A miscellany of altered memorabilia, the work explores the relationship between collectables and ephemera. McLean’s tennis racket cigarette sculpture from the Smokers Challenge Strathcona Cup Tennis Tournament, which has significance in relation to a specific private event is juxtaposed with DeLong and McLean’s collaborative sculpture, Fergie Jenkins Trophy made with Jason’s Collectables, which incorporates a record of a public and accessible athletic achievement. The idea of public versus private importance is confused by the display of personal objects, such as a collection of tooth molds or transit stubs, in the gallery setting. The result of this blurring of criteria for importance or significance draws focus away from a conventional understanding of value. Emphasis is then placed on the personal and immediate experience of the objects and their their collectibility in terms of a desire to keep them as opposed to a desire for owning

them for the purpose of trade.

Mark DeLong has had solo shows at the Hunter and Cook Gallery, Toronto, Ed Varie Gallery, New York, and Blanket Gallery, Vancouver. He has shown at Perugi Contemporary Art, Italy, Museo do la Cuidad de Mexico, Mexico and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto. DeLong’s work has been featured in Pyramid Power and Hunter and Cook magazine.

Jason McLean is currently exhibiting in the from the collection : Unreal exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, and at the Carousel du Louvre, Paris. Jason’s work has been shown at Jessica Bradley Art + Projects, Toronto, Artspeak, Vancouver, Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles and Zieher-Smith Gallery, New York. McLean has an upc upcoming solo show at Allegra La Viola Gallery in New York.

LES Gallery

1879 Powell Street

Vancouver, BC V5L 1H8


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