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  1. A.P.C.-S/S 11


  2. Eiki Mori

  3. Anthotypes by John Opera

    E-2 anthotype (blueberry) – 2010 9.25 x 7.5 inches An anthotype is a photographic image created using the photosensitive materials in plant matter and exposure from direct sunlight. D-2 anthotype (beet) – 2010 9.25 x 7.5 inches C-3 anthotype (pokeberry)

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  4. F/W: C.Chauchat

    C.Chauchat X Robert Geller Collaboration Fall Catalogue

  5. Roberta Price: Across the Great Divide

    “In 1969, Roberta Price headed west with a camera to document the newly forming communes in New Mexico and Colorado. As Roberta describes, “The more the Vietnam War got worse and the protests got worse, the more we kept thinking

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  6. Day for Night: My Own Private Idaho

    This Sunday at the Waldorf: Day for Night presents a screening of Gus Van Sant’s iconic film about narcolepsy and male hustling starring River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves: “My Own Private Idaho.” (1991) Two young hustlers meet in Portland, Ore.,

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  7. You Don’t Need Teeth to Play Tennis

    Jason McLean and Mark DeLong You Don’t Need Teeth to Play Tennis LES Gallery April 15th – May 14th, 2011 Opening Reception April 15th, 7pm (artists in attendance) Canadian Art Gallery Hop talk with Mark DeLong April 30th, 4pm Loosely

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  8. Blog On Blog (Blogs We Love): Hippy Kitchens

  9. Edge of Landscape

    Cutty Contemporary Art Gallery is pleased to present its first group show, Edge of Landscape. The show offers an investigation into Vancouver’s relationship to landscape, as a space outside of the traditional Canadian landscape trope and sitting on the western

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  10. A Country Retreat

    ‘‘It’s quite a tiny house,’’ British designer Margaret Howell says, “but it’s well laid out, airy and open, and being here helps me connect with nature.’’ for T Magazine / NY Times Margaret Howell

  11. The Chosen One

    “Spencer Elden in his last year of high school (January 2008)” – Jason Lazarus 30×40 / archival inkjet 2008 *Spencer originally appeared as a naked baby on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind record Also see: Jason Lazarus’ Nirvana Project &

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  12. Jamming: Rick Danko+Janis Joplin+ Jerry Garcia

    Ain’t No More Cocaine: Rick Danko(The Band), Janis Joplin and Jerry Garcia(Grateful Dead) jam on a CN train on tour across Canada during a music festival that took place in in the 70’s. Rick Danko Janis Joplin Jerry Garcia: Ain't

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