May 1: Ken Lum-The Housemaid

Vancouver-based conceptual artist Ken Lum presents the first film in his Summer series at Day for Night:


“Vengeance is Mine: Reality takes Vengeance on All, including the Innocent.”

Series begins May 1st at 3pm with what is considered by many to be one

of the greatest Korean films of all time, THE HOUSEMAID (1960).

Dong-sik teaches music at a textile factory and shows particular interest in an article about a murder that occurred in Geumcheon. One day, Dong-sik receives a love letter from a female factory worker named Seon-yeong. He reports this fact to the factory dormitory supervisor, and Seon-yeong is forced to leave her job. Meanwhile, her friend Gyeong-hui begins frequenting Dong-sik’s new house on the pretext of receiving piano lessons. When his wife’s health begins to decline, Dong-sik asks Gyeong-hui to recommend a good housemaid. While Dong-sik’s wife is away visiting her family, Gyeong-hui confesses to him that she is in love with him, only to be run out of the house. The housemaid, who had been watching secretly from outside the window, seduces Dong-sik. Three months later, she is pregnant. A maelstrom of psychological manipulation, self-destruction and sexual predation has been unleashed on the household.

—Mi-jeong Lee

In Korean with English subtitles | 110 minutes

Co-presented by Vancouver is Awesome


1489 East Hastings (map) | 604.253.7141

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