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  1. Prince William’s Introduction To Cameras (1984)

  2. Ellen Carey

    Full her series “Polaroid Pulls and Rollbacks” Ellen Carey lives and works in NYC.

  3. May 1: Ken Lum-The Housemaid

    Vancouver-based conceptual artist Ken Lum presents the first film in his Summer series at Day for Night: “Vengeance is Mine: Reality takes Vengeance on All, including the Innocent.” Series begins May 1st at 3pm with what is considered by many

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  4. Canadian Art Hop at the LES Gallery

    Mark DeLong reads from his new book published by Seems, Cooking With Rabbit as a part of the Canadian Art Hop in Vancouver at the LES Gallery on April 30th, 4:00 p.m. Mark DeLong reads from his new publication, Cooking

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  5. 1988: Thurston Moore House Tour

    Thurston Moore  talks about his music, collectables and knick knacks as he gives a tour of his cluttered place in New York. (1988)

  6. Kishin Shinoyama

    4/28 When I am at the bookstore in Japan, I have the desire to browse through the idol book section, but am always too shy to be seen there. Anyways (like I said before in my “7 Days” diary but

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  7. Magaret Howell: S/S 11

    Women’s Men’s

  8. Somewhere To Disappear

    “Somewhere To Disappear” is a film about the desire to run away. For his project, “Broken Manual”, the photographer Alec Soth traveled across America looking for people who’ve retreated from society. Some live in mountain cabins, some in caves, others

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  9. Niall McClelland: Highest Prices Paid For Gold

    Niall McClelland: Highest Prices Paid For Gold Opening: Thursday April 28th at 7pm Exhibition: 28 April to 4 June 2011 “We are pleased to present Niall McClelland’s first solo show with the gallery. The exhibition will contain all new works

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  10. L’eternel Est Grand

    L’ETERNEL EST GRAND – SEAN STEWART a preview exhibition Thursday, April, 28 2011 6 PM to 10 PM 484 Monroe Street Brooklyn, NY 11221

  11. Hunter and Cook: Auction 2

    Artist List: Sandra Meigs/Zin Taylor/Alan Michael/Mitch Robertson/Jennifer Murphy/Ron Tran/Claire Greenshaw/Brad Phillips/Micah Lexier/Jay Isaac/Susy Oliveira/Adam David Brown/Patrick Howlett/Andrew Reyes/Nicole Ondre/Davida Nemeroff/Derek Sullivan/Keith Mayerson/Jeremy Jansen/Mark DeLong/Kristan Horton/Jason Mclean/Kirsten Stoltmann/Paul Butler/Adam Harrison/Jimmy Limit/Corin Sworn/Monique Mouton/Anders Oinonen/Aaron Carpenter/Nadia Belerique/Dan Siney/Lisa DiQuinzio/Sandy Plotnikoff/Sam Falls/Tony Romano/Shayne

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  12. Patrick Ervell: S/S 11 Via:GQ